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Tips for German parcel

Tips for dear German customer,

Due to the privacy protection in Germany, the courier can not contact the recipient by phone, and due to the particularity of the delivery address in Germany.
German customers can reduce the failure rate of parcel delivery by the following ways:

1. Please ensure that orders in Germany must fill in the order recipient's NAME, STREET, ZIP CODE, DOOR NUMBER (can be filled in the door number field, can also be filled in the address field, door and address filled in together, please fill in the door in the street behind the door number, door number, do not fill in the door number of other numbers, and other information can be used to comma separated, to avoid extracting the door number error), the DOOR NUMBER is very vital.

2. Please fill in a valid Recipient Mailbox. When the parcel fail to deliver or put in the pickup station, the service provider will send an email to the user, the recipient can go to the specified address to Withdraw or apply for Re-delivery by checking the email, etc. If the user does not fill in the mailbox, he/she can't receive the reminding message, and he/she can only see the note in the mailbox (in case of the ACCURATE ADDRESS).

3. Please make sure that the name of the recipient of the order is the same as the recipient of the accurate address when placing the order, otherwise the parcel will be returned if the courier can not find the same name with the parcel at the doorbell/mailbox of the parcel address.