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Brand Story

We are tired of people always associating fashion with expensive luxuries. Fashion trends in everyday life shouldn't be untouchable. Hey, if you feel the same way, then we should not hide it any longer.
About Us
Lindystart makes street art-inspired clothes for women. we take every motorcycle, food, and drink to combine them with rich imagination and positive quotes or slang to create cute, funny, highly creative skull patterns that can show the user's life philosophy and personality at a very cost-effective price.
100% Play Fashion
The Wenshyio team enjoys the creative concept of "Play Fashion." It is committed to sharing fun, new, cross-disciplinary contemporary fashion thinking with consumers so that everyone can create their fashion style. Wenshyio embraces those who dare to experiment, dare to break the rules, dare to work hard but play harder and dare to take the unexplored path that has never been explored before. Are you ready to join our playground?
Stand With Go Green!
Not a single drop of rainwater thinks it caused the flood. Yet, the cumulative impact of each individual's actions on the environment can be significant. A sense of responsibility to society, the pursuit of authenticity, and respect for time and natural resources are essential components of our corporate core ethos. We want to leave a positive imprint on the world.